Products and Solutions

The company’s product line and services are oriented towards banks which use IT technology to implement their policy of reducing costs, rapidly bringing new products to the market, and also rapidly modifying them to cope with the demands of business, and increasing the standard of client services.

Consulting services

Extensive knowledge of banking technologies and versatile experience in banking operations automation let Neoflex solve the most complex problems arising in the course of banking business development.

The Company has experience in execution of consulting projects in the following areas:

  • IT landscape development for foreign banking systems implementation projects
  • Development of IT landscapes for banks merger
  • Development OLAP part of the IT landscape
  • IT landscape extention for new IT systems implementation

Neoflex has solved tasks mentioned for: BNP Paribas, Rusfinance Bank, HSBC, Russian Regional Development Bank, The Bank of Khanty-Mansiysk, and others.

Development of reporting systems in the technology of data warehouses

Developments in this area are based on the platform of Neoflex Reporting — the company’s own product which provides for the creation on the basis of a universal warehouse of different types of reporting systems — mandatory, management, IAS, tax, etc.

The fast implementation of a project is secured by using the ready-made components of Neoflex Reporting: data models of a universal bank (more than 200 business objects), a developed data quality control system (more than 150 quality queries), and also more than 250 prepared report forms for mandatory and other kinds of reporting.

When Neoflex Reporting was being developed account was taken of the requirements of bank reporting systems for specialist and universal banks operating with huge data volumes (>15 m. accounts), and which have a large number of ABS and a broad network of branches located in different time zones.

Together with building reporting systems from scratch on the basis of a universal data warehouse, Neoflex Reporting enables the building of those reporting systems which the client needs by developing the bank’s existing data warehouse which is used for drawing up reports of the same type.

The company has successfully completed projects to build reporting systems based on data warehouses for the following banks, among others: BINBANK, BNP Paribas Vostok, Rusfinance Bank, SDM-Bank, Bank of Khanty Mansiysk.

Development of SOA landscapes

The company is the leader in terms of the number of SOA projects completed for financial institutions on the basis of commercial ESB platforms. Neoflex specialists have completed more than 100 SOA projects for more than 20 clients.

At the beginning of July 2010 Neoflex specialists put their hundredth SO project into commercial operation. SOA projects have been implemented for more than 20 banks and other financial institutions.

The company has experience in completing SOA projects of the following kinds:

  • Integration projects which provide consolidation of client data stored in different systems; increasing the speed of taking decisions when selling bank products, the speed and quality of services in retail operations, the quality of client services for remote banking, including a new ABS in the current IT landscape, and introducing a foreign ABS
  • Developing composite applications which resolve the following problems: identification of clients in various applications, creating a “work table” for call centre staff, collecting information from information systems located in a bank’s branches
  • Developing the concept for a bank’s transfer to SOA architecture (in accordance with the approach of SOA Governance).

Integration projects are based on partner companies' solutions: IBM, Oracle, TIBCO and others.

The company has experience in connecting over 40 most popular Russian and foreign banking systems to ESB: Back-office, GL, Card management, Call Center, Front-end, Credit Bureau, etc.

The company has successfully completed SOA development projects at, BNP Paribas, Banca Intesa, HSBC, Evrofinance Mosnarbank, Renaissance Credit, Rusfinance Bank, SberBank, and others.

Creating solutions for the sale of retail financial products

Neoflex offers solutions for automating the business processes in the sale of financial products (loans and pooled investment products), which are implemented on the principles of conveyor processing of applications.

The solutions are built in the SOA method on the basis of commercial BPM platforms from IBM (WebSphere Process Server or Lombardi), Oracle and Tibco products, and also on the basis of freely distributed software — OpenESB, JBoss and others.

The key advantages of the solutions created by Neoflex are the speed of building the conveyor for sale of financial products, and also the flexibility and reliability of its operation.

The speed effect is achieved by using the capacities of the BPM platform, which allows the maximum accurate implementation in the conveyor of the business processes being used in a given institution.

Flexibility is linked with the fact that the BPM platform is supplemented by prepared front-end components and a product catalogue containing adjustment tools. This allows the rapid implementation in the BPM of the details for an application’s passage for each product.

Reliability is achieved by using the modern commercial BPM and an integration platform. The resources of these platforms ensure the fail-safe productive operation of the conveyor, and also the possibility of expanding the solution on an increase in the number of applications to be processed, or, for example, the appearance of new sales points.

In the loan conveyors being built the functions of decision-taking on the granting of loans can be implemented with the help of specialised tools — the systems of Capstone Decision Accelerator (CDA) produced by FICO (formerly known as Fair Isaac).

Neoflex customers in this area are banks Nomos Bank, Renaissance Credit, Renaissance Investment Management and others.

Automation for Capital Markets

The Capital Markets Practice specialises in providing its services to financial and management companies, and also to bank divisions which operate on the financial markets. Our practice specialists carry out consulting and integration projects, and also projects for the introduction of specialised automated systems.  In particular, they are promoting the Calypso system — an integrated system which makes provision, on the capital markets, for trading, risk management and back-office processing of operations.

Localization and Implementation of Foreign Banking Systems

The Company was one of the first on the Russian market to adapt and implement foreign banking systems using ESB for data conversion into RAS.

The projects based on two components:

  • Neoflex Localization Set — set of software modules for adaptation of a foreign banking system to the Russian requirements. It includes:
    • Module for data transformation in line with the Russian requirements
    • Russian General Ledger Neoflex GL
    • Provision calculation Module pursuant to the Bank of Russia standards (254-P, 283-P)
    • Russian anti-money laundering module (fulfills the requirements of 115-FZ, 321-P)
  • Neoflex Reporting — regulatory reporting solution

With these components Neoflex successfully implemented foreign banking systems in several international banks acting in Russia including BNP Paribas, HSBC, Rusfinance Bank and others.

Automation of collection activity

Within the FICO practice Neoflex renders services in introducing FICO Debt Manager, which is a specialised system for automating work with overdue debt, and also services to automate a bank’s risk strategies by using FICO Capstone Decision Accelerator and other FICO products.

Testing of Information Systems

The Company has unique experience with testing and quality control of complex information systems:

  • Testing of distributed SOA systems:
  • Testing of banking reporting systems:
  • Performance testing for high-capacity information systems:

The Company offers all major types of testing, including: acceptance, functional, integration, regression, load testing.